Permatex® Stripped Thread Repair Kit is ideal for repairing such items as carburetor to manifold studs, clamp bolts, drain plugs, pan fasteners, valve cover bolts, and other similar applications. CRITICAL APPLICATIONS: Do not use this product to repair threaded assemblies defined as “critical,” such as internal engine parts, suspension and steering parts or brake components. In these situations, part replacement is recommended. Please review the product data and read all directions carefully before use. Allow surfaces to cool before applying Permatex® Stripped Thread Repair Compound. DIRECTIONS: 1. Clean the surface to be repaired (male and female parts) with Permatex Brake & Parts Cleaner. Surface should be room temperature. 2. Shake release agent well. Using brush in cap top, apply a thin, even coating of release agent directly onto the entire surface of bolt or screw. 3. If the female component is a through hole, place tape on one end to contain the Stripped Thread Repair compound. 4. Snip the tips of syringe Part #1 and syringe Part #2. Depress plungers and dispense EQUAL amounts of both #1 and #2 materials onto a clean surface. 5. Mix Part #1 and Part #2 together thoroughly until uniform. Fill the female component with the mixed repair material [working time is 3 to 5 minutes before gel at 72°F (22?C)]. 6. Thread coated fastener into compound. Wait 5-10 minutes and remove fastener. Allow compound to cure for 30 minutes before use. Blind hole repair: The fastener should be threaded completely into the female component. DO NOT APPLY TORQUE AT THIS POINT. Through hole repair: The fastener should be threaded until it contacts the tape-covered opening. DO NOT APPLY TORQUE OR BREAK THE TAPE SEAL AT THIS POINT. NOTE: Permatex® Stripped Thread Repair cures to a workable strength and can be torqued in 30 minutes. Please refer to the chart provided for maximum torque values. Maximum strength is attained in two hours.Print This Page