Gasket Sealants

When a chemical gasket is not an option, Permatex offers a wide range of gasket sealants suitable for applications on both import and domestic vehicles of any model year or performance caliber. vm banner

Permatex® Aviation Form-A-Gasket® No. 3 Sealant Liquid

Slow-drying, non-hardening brush-top sealant approved for use in aviation as well as automotive applications. Temperature range -65°F to 400°F (-54°C to 204°C); resists gasoline, oil and grease.
Suggested Applications: Close-fitting machined surfaces, sealing hoses, solid gaskets
Suggested Applications: Close-fitting machined surfa
Part Number: 80018

Available Sizes

Item # Container Size Pack Instructions TDS SDS
80018 2 oz. bottle 12 View
80019 4 oz. bottle 12 View
80017 16 oz. bottle 12 View