Electrical System Maintenance

Protect and extend the life of electrical connections; stop corrosion, lubricate, or de-moisturize wet wiring. vm banner

Permatex® Bulb/Lamp & ElectricalConnector Dielectric Grease

Increases performance and extends service life of bulbs and lamps by preventing voltage leakage and protecting electrical connections from moisture, dirt and corrosion. Great lubricating properties ease the disassembly process. Protects rubber, plastic, ceramic and metal surfaces.
Suggested Applications: Headlamps, lighting bulbs for: instrument panel, glove compartment, inside door trim, interior courtesy lamps, parking & turn signals, brake lights, license plate lights, trunk and hood lamps; also for fuses, ignition components and other electrical connections.
Suggested Applications: All bulb/lamp connections
Part Number: 31824

Available Sizes

Item # Container Size Pack Instructions TDS MDS
31824 .10 oz. dose, carded 12 View