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Make virtually invisible repairs to upholstery, seats, dashboards, etc. for auto, home, and marine applications. vm banner

Permatex® Vinyl & Leather Repair Kit

A complete DIY repair kit for home, automotive, and marine vinyl and leather upholstery. Contains: heat transfer tool, 7 colors of repair compound, clear vinyl adhesive and filler (net .34 fl. oz.), grain pattern paper, plastic spatula, and instruction sheet with color matching chart.
Suggested Applications: Vinyl and leather upholstery, infant car seats, chairs, stools, luggage
Suggested Applications: Seat, backrest, saddle bags
Suggested Applications: Marine upholstery, infant seats, chairs
Part Number: 80902

Available Sizes

Item # Container Size Pack Instructions TDS SDS
80902 1 kit, clamshelled 6 View