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Anaerobic Gasket Maker

Anaerobic formed-in-place gaskets, like Permatex® Anaerobic Gasket Maker, cure in the absence of air and in the presence of active metals.

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Anti-Seize Lubricants

Learn about our complete line of Anti-Seize products and recommended applications.

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Fast Orange

Fast Orange® Hand Cleaner Products remove resins, oil, grease, tar, grime, soil, printer’s ink, and much more!

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Gasket Makers

Tips and tricks for some of our gasket making series.

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The Good Better Best Brake Lube

Learn more about our line of brake lube products and the applications they work best with.

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The Right Lube for the Job

Permatex Silicone Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant protects and lubricates every part of a brake assembly and prevents comebacks caused by irritating brake noise.

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The key to using a threadlocker… choose the correct strength!

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