New Permatex Bolt Mark Identifies Fastener Loosening and Tampering


– Brightly colored indicator paste provides visual marker of completed work

Solon, OH… Permatex®, a leading innovator in chemical technology for automotive maintenance and repair, has introduced a new product designed to help professional technicians and DIYers alike easily identify loosening and tampering of nuts, bolts, fasteners, and assemblies. Permatex Bolt Mark is a tamper-proof indicator paste that provides the user with a visual marker of completed work and easily identifies if a fastener has become loose or damaged.

Designed to deliver a tamper-proof torque seal, Permatex Bolt Mark provides warranty protection for the user against tampering. It can also help save time when completing a job, by providing a visual indication of which assemblies have been torqued and which still need to be tightened. The quick visual evidence by Bolt Mark also helps speed up safety checks in professional and amateur racing applications.

Eric Seibold, Sr. Product and Innovations Manager at Permatex noted, “Our goal at Permatex is always to provide our customers with product solutions that make their jobs easier. Our new Bolt Mark is a simple product that accomplishes that goal. Many technicians and DIYers utilize white out or even nail polish to see if a bolt has become loose after being torqued, but these products don’t provide a professional grade seal. Bolt Mark provides a tamper-proof indication and helps users complete jobs faster and more reliably.”

Permatex Bolt Mark is available in four colors: Pure White, Neon Yellow, Siren Red, and Bright Orange. All four colors of Bolt Mark are easily visible under ambient light, but also glow fluorescent under a UV light. Permatex Bolt Mark is available in 1 oz. tubes.

To learn how Bolt Mark helps get the job done right, visit Permatex’s YouTube channel.

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