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Permatex SEAL+LOCK Combines Power of Sealant and Threadlocker in One Thread Compound

Posted on: November 28th, 2018

– Revolutionary 2-In-1 solution seals up to 1000 psi and locks to 120 in. / lbs. –

Hartford, CT… Permatex®, a leading innovator in chemical technology for automotive maintenance and repair, offers its newest innovation in automotive repair technology to solve a nagging problem with sealed connections and threaded fittings. Permatex SEAL+LOCK Thread Compound is a-one-of a-kind service product that combines the sealing capabilities of a thread sealant with the holding power of a blue, medium-strength threadlocker. The thread compound was developed in response to customer requests and extensive field research.

Permatex SEAL+LOCK provides increased reliability and durability of repairs by ensuring sealed connections will not leak and locked fittings will not loosen. This specially formulated compound creates an air and watertight seal up to 1000 psi and locks to 120 in. / lbs. It also resists temperatures from -60 °F to 300 °F (-51°C to 150°C).

Permatex SEAL+LOCK Thread Compound resists solvents and common shop fluids and is removable with hand tools. In addition to automotive uses, it is extremely versatile in garage and plumbing applications. Key applications include threaded freeze plugs, oil pressure sensors, threaded fuel injectors, coolant temperature sensors, A/C and hydraulic system connections, metal plumbing connections, and pipe plugs.

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