Permatex® Heavy Duty Radiator Cleaner


Removes rust and scale from automotive engines, radiators and water jackets. Cleans and unclogs steam cleaner coils and boiler tubes. Not for use in aluminum radiators.



Suggested Applications: Radiators, water jackets, industrial and maintenance applications.



Drain radiator. Flush. Fill radiator with clean water, leaving room for radiator cleaner bottle contents (i.e. 32 fl. oz.). Idle engine fast. Add entire contents of this bottle. Run engine ‘hot’ for 30 minutes. Do not let boil and do not drive car.Drain system and flush thoroughly with clean water. Replace with coolant. For optimal performance, add Permatex® Radiator and Water Pump Lubricant Permate xNo. 38M (Item# 80039).

Note: Since this product is concentrated, the solvent may uncover leaks previously sealed by rust and scale. In the event this occurs, use Permatex® Quick Solder™Radiator Repair, Item# 12195, or ALUMA SEAL® Radiator Stop Leak, Item# 28179 or Item# 28181.
US Part Number Canada Part Number Container Size Pack
80030 N/A 1 qt. plastic bottle 12