Permatex® Weatherstrip Cement


A translucent all-purpose cement and sealer that bonds in minutes and dries to a tough, strong bond. Waterproof and durable. It provides a flexible, vibration resistant bond that adheres rubber to glass and metal.



Suggested Applications: Bonds glass, rubber, and metal; door and windshield weatherstripping.



  1. Surfaces must be clean and dry.

  2. Apply an even coat of cement to both bonding surfaces (i.e., weatherstrip and surface). Set firmly in place. Avoid contact with exposed painted surfaces.

  3. Keep pressure on the bond for several minutes.Allow to dry.

  4. Before Weatherstrip Cement dries, remove excess material with mineral spirits. Do not use mineral spirits on painted surfaces.

NOTE: Do not spill Weatherstrip Cement on painted surfaces.
US Part Number Canada Part Number Container Size Pack
80328 N/A 2 oz. tube, carded 12