Permatex® Gear Oil RTV Gasket Maker


OEM specified. Specially formulated to withstand the harsh gear oil environment found in differentials and transfer cases. Because gear oil has friction modifiers that break down normal RTV and cause leaking, this specialty silicone has been tested to OEM specifications to ensure complete sealing. As a gasket maker, it seeks and seals leak paths that cut gaskets cannot. It can also be used to seal cut gaskets.



Suggested Applications: Differentials and transfer cases.



Surfaces should be clean and dry. Apply an even, continuous 1/16" to 1/4" (2 to 6 mm) bead of silicone to one surface, surrounding all bolt holes. Assemble parts immediately while silicone is still wet. Finger tighten until material begins to squeeze out around flange. Allow to dry for one hour then retighten 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Silicone will fully cure in 24 hours.

Note: Not recommended for use on head gaskets or parts in contact with gasoline. Store below 80°F (27°C).
US Part Number Canada Part Number Container Size Pack
81184 N/A 5 fl . oz. cartridge 6