Permatex® OPTIMUM RED Gasket Maker


Permatex’s New Optimum Red RTV gasket maker provides maximum temperature performance up to 750°F intermittent. The advanced formulation allows for a sensor-safe, low odor and non-corrosive performance and is resistant to oil and common shop fluids. Permatex® Optimum Red also resists aging, weathering and thermal cycling without hardening, shrinking or cracking.

Application: Header, Exhaust Manifold, Turbocharge, Slip-fit Exhaust


  1. For best results, surfaces should be clean and dry.

  2. Cut nozzle and apply a continuous 1/16" to 1/4" (2 to 6mm) bead of silicone to one surface, surrounding all bolt holes. Assemble parts immediately while silicone is still wet. Finger tighten until material begins to squeeze out around flange.

  3. Let dry for one hour then tighten to torque specifications.

  4. Allow 24 hours to fully cure before filling with fluids or returning to service.

  5. Replace cap after use.

NOTE: Not recommended for use on head gaskets or parts in contact with gasoline.
US Part Number Canada Part Number Container Size Pack
27138 N/A 8 oz. Power Bead 6