Permatex® 500° High Heat Epoxy, 25 ML

US Item # : 84102
CAN Item # : 84118

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Product Description
Permatex®s 500 High Heat Epoxy is the first and only high temperature liquid syringe epoxy! Ideal for surface repairs with high temperatures such as under-hood automotive & home repair. This high temperature epoxy withstands 2X higher temperatures compared to standard epoxies that traditionally breakdown at 250°F. Ideal for under-hood repairs where temperatures can range up at 400°F on a hot summer day.

1High heat resistant up to 500°F (260°C).

2Seals against many liquids, gasses and common automotive fluids

3Ideal for under hood automotive applications

4Permanent strength up to 2500 PSI

5Sets in 10 minutes, cures in 2 hours

Ideal for high temperature applications including metals, hard plastics, ceramics, glass, rubber and more.

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