US Part Number: 28207
Canada Part Number: N/A

ScrewGlue™ <br> Multi-Material


ScrewGlue™ Multi-Material is a unique formulation that allows you to connect screws and bolts of different materials together such as plastic to wood, metal to wood, plastic to fiberglass, metal to fiberglass and more. Many household projects combine different materials. That’s why this versatile formulation was specifically developed to be used for many applications around the home. An ideal product when repairing items with nylon or plastic bolts.

Use it on:

  • Nylon, Plastic, Metal, or Wood Screws
  • Plastic Furniture Screws
  • Toys
  • Marine & Pool Equipment
  • Sports Equipment
  • Trim Panels
  • Plastic Hardware
  • Campers
  • …and more!

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
28207N/A.18 oz
US Item # Tech Doc File
28207 TDS  SDS