US Part Number: 85913
Canada Part Number: 59107

Permatex® Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant

General-purpose, clear RTV indoor/ outdoor sealant. Seals, bonds, repairs, mends and secures glass, metal, plastics, fabric, vinyl, weather stripping and vinyl tops. May be applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces. Waterproof and flexible. Temperature range -75°F to 400°F (-59°C to 204°C); resists oil, water, weather, vibration, grease.


Suggested Applications: Door frames, vinyl tops, seams and roofs (Not recommended for engine gasket or electrical connection applications).

Heavy Duty

Suggested Applications: Windshields


Suggested Applications: Windshields, hatches, seams and roofs

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
85913591077.25 oz. PowerBead™ can 6
US Item # Tech Doc File
85913 TDS  SDS  Canada part # SDS


Surfaces should be clean& dry. Apply silicone with a continuous,uniform flow. Bead size may be varied byfinger pressure, how quickly applicatoris moved and angle. For heavier beads,nozzle may be cut to size. ActivatePowerBead™ by twisting nozzle one fullturn counterclockwise, raising trigger.Press trigger to dispense. Assembleparts immediately while silicone is stillwet. Surfaces being bonded may requireclamping until silicone is firm. Silicone“skins” and becomes tack-free in one hour.Allow 24 hours for full cure under normalconditions, longer in cold or dry conditions.After use, store applicator by twisting nozzleclockwise, wiping away excess silicone &replacing plastic cap with a “click”.

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