US Part Number: 82112
Canada Part Number: N/A

Permatex® Self-fusing Silicone Tape

A self-fusing silicone repair tape that has been used by the Military for years! An all purpose repair tape that is made out of specially formulated silicone rubber. Contains no adhesives; yet chemically bonds to itself upon contact. Simply stretch and wrap for an airtight, waterproof seal in seconds. Replaces duct tape and electrical tape.


Suggested Applications: Use to seal, insulate and stop vibration on just about anything you are able to get a couple of wraps around. Seal electrical connections, make emergency fuel or water hose repairs, insulate wiring and hoses, repair leaking pipes and hoses, repair damaged wires and wrap hand tools and grips. Use on connector wires and cables, all kinds of hoses such as garden hoses, vacuum hoses, appliance cords, and radiator hoses.

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
82112N/A1"x10' Roll carded 6
US Item # Tech Doc File
82112 TDS  SDS  

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