US Part Number: 85742
Canada Part Number: N/A

Dr. Bond® Super Glue Gel

This super strong, super fast adhesive bonds materials in seconds. One drop does the job. It makes permanent repairs to almost all nonporous surfaces including metal, laminated plastics, rubber, ceramics, and china. Permanent, transparent bond fills gaps to .004”.


Suggested Applications: Automotive trim, logos, knobs, gear shift logos, ornaments, minor interior repairs

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
85742N/A2 g tube, 2-pack carded (space-saver) 6
US Item # Tech Doc File


TUBE MUST BE PIERCED BEFORE USING! POINT TUBE AWAYFROM FACE AND BODY. DO NOT SQUEEZE TUBE WHILE PUNCTURING. To puncture, remove black safety ring and screw nozzle & cap assembly onto tube completely. Protect work surfaces. Clean and ensure a close fit on the surfacesto be bonded. To use, remove outer cap. Use sparingly. Apply glue to one surfaceto be bonded. Press pieces together for 15 to 30 seconds. Clean tip after use. Replace outer cap and store glue in cool, dry place.

NOTE: Not recommended for use on glass, foam rubber, cloth, polyethylene/ polypropylene plastic, or any porous material.

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