US Part Number: 22732
Canada Part Number: C12532

Spray Nine® Grez-Off® Heavy-Duty Degreaser


A biodegradable, water-based cleaner that effectively removes heavy duty grease, dirt, fifth wheel grease, lubricants, oil, hydraulic fluid, grime, heavy molly grease, tar and more! Nonflammable, no fumes, no abrasives, no acids. USDA approved and VOC compliant in all 50 states.


Suggested Applications:
Engines, machinery, tools, work benches, garage floors/walls, condenser coils, exhaust hoods, conveyors, vents, ovens, grills, trunks, trailers, RV’s, industrial and farm equipment, mowers, stainless steel, chrome, concrete, asphalt, vinyl, rubber, plastic, metal and more!

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
22732C1253232 fl. oz. trigger spray bottle 12
22701C125011 gallon low profile capped bottle 4
22705C125205 gallon pail 1
22755C1254555 gallon drum 1
US Item # Tech Doc File
22732 TDS  SDS  Canada part # SDS
22701 TDS  SDS  Canada part # SDS
22705 TDS  SDS  Canada part # SDS
22755 TDS  SDS  Canada part # SDS


Some surfaces such as aluminum alloys, plastic or painted surfaces are inherently sensitive to alkaline cleaners. Spot test on ALL surfaces before use. Do not use on motorcycles or glass. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not inhale mist. The use of safety glasses and protective gloves is recommended. These directions must be followed or damage may result.

  1. Before degreasing, be sure that all surfaces are cool to the touch. Do not apply in direct sunlight or if air temperature is above 100°F.
  2. Spray GREZ-OFF full strength onto the cool, pretested surface to be degreased.
  3. Allow GREZ-OFF to penetrate the soil. NEVER allow GREZ-OFF to dry on any surface. Stubborn soils may require brushing or a second application.
  4. Immediately rinse with water until no sudsing is noticeable.
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