US Part Number: 25106
Canada Part Number: N/A

Fast Orange® Grime Magnet

Introducing Fast Orange® Grime Magnet! The Grime Magnet is constructed from a special foam designed for industrial oil spills and oil spill crisis cleanup. Fast Orange® Grime Magnet is ready to clean your oil spills as well as your hands and arms!

Oil Change
Absorb oil throughout your entire oil change job with this long-lasting, reusable Grime Magnet.

Oil Spill Cleanup
Quickly and effortlessly absorb spilled oil from any surface around your home or garage. Oil spill cleanup has never been easier.

Hands & Arms
When your job is complete, wipe away oil from your hands and arms with this soap-infused sponge.

Fast Orange® Grime Magnet

  • Renewable plant-based foam
  • Infused with the cleaning performance of Fast Orange® pumice hand cleaner
  • No mildew or mold
  • Repels water
  • Absorbs 14x its weight in petroleum products
  • Long lasting

Use dry to absorb spills or wipe excess grease and oil from surfaces or self.
Add water and squeeze the Grime Magnet to activate the Fast Orange® Pumice soap. Wash, scrub, absorb,rinse and reuse.
Allow to air-dry.
Sponge will continue to absorb oil and grease even after soap is gone.

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
25106N/A2 oz. 1
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25106 SDS  

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