US Part Number: 80577
Canada Part Number: 80577

Permatex® Paint Stripper

Quickly strips and removes unwanted paint from metal surfaces. Eliminates costly and time-consuming sanding and scraping. Works in 10-15 minutes at temperatures from 40°F to 100°F (5°C to 38°C). Level 2



Suggested Applications: Various types of paint.

US Item #CDN Item #Container SizeCase
805778057716 oz. aerosol can, 12 oz. net wt.12
US Item #Tech Doc File
80577TDS  SDS  Canada part # SDS


Shake well. Hold can in an upright position 10-12 inches from area to be sprayed. Spray all areas to be stripped – the thicker the coat the better. Protect surrounding area from overspray. Allow Paint Stripper to remain on area to be stripped for 5-10 minutes.Use an appropriate putty knife to removes oftened paint. A second application may be necessary to remove baked-on or catalyzed paints.

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