US Part Number: 15701
Canada Part Number: N/A

Spray Nine® Concrete Cleaner

Spray Nine Concrete Cleaner is a powerful alkaline detergent designed to cut through tough grease and oil on concrete. This heavy-duty detergent penetrates, emulsi­fies, and dissolves ground-in dirt, grease and grime that other solutions fail to remove. On top of it, the solution washes away easily with water making it perfect for concrete driveways, garage floors, machine shops, sidewalks and much more!

US Item #CDN Item #Container SizeCase
15701N/A2.2 lbs (1kg)6
US Item #Tech Doc File
15701TDS  SDS  
UPCl2of5ContainerVolumeCase QtyCase Cube
007717415701430077174157015bottle2.2 lbs.60.415
Cases/PalletLayers/PalletPallet WeightCase WeightCase LengthCase Width
8041220 lbs.14.58 lbs.10.25″7″
Case HeightUnit WeightUnit LengthUnit WidthUnit HeightUnits Per Pallet
10″2.36 lbs.3.32″3.32″9.25″480
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