US Part Number: 80652
Canada Part Number: N/A

Permatex® RTV Silicone Dissolver


OEM approved. This patented gel formula dissolves and completely removes RTV silicone residue in only a matter of minutes…letting the powerful chemical do the work for you. No grinding required. It’s also safe for use on aluminum and other surfaces such a metal or plastic.


Suggested Applications: Removes residue from all Permatex® silicones, including the Right Stuff™, Ultra Series and RTV products.

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
80652N/A2.7 fl . oz. tube, carded 12
US Item # Tech Doc File


  1. Remove heavy silicone residue using Permatex® SaferScraper™.
  2. Spread liberally on surface and let stand for several minutes to soften gasket material.
  3. Allow longer contact time for thick layers.
  4. Wipe material with a clean rag or scrape from surface with Permatex® SaferScraper™.
  5. Repeat if necessary until surface is free of gasket material.

NOTE: Does not work on non-silicone gasket residue.

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