US Part Number: 80190
Canada Part Number: N/A

Permatex® SaferScraper™ Plastic Scraper

A safer alternative to metal razor blades…this specially designed hard plastic double-edged razor blade can be used for a variety of cleaning and scraping applications. Ideal for removing decals, bugs, tar and paint without scratching or harming the body paint underneath. Also great for removing gaskets from a plastic or aluminum flange. The durable plastic holder is designed to fit well in the hand for extra flexibility and fits standard metal razor blades if the job requires it.


Suggested Applications: Removes solvent-based sealants, baked-on gaskets, weatherstrip adhesive, dried oil, decals/adhesive, silicone, and paint.

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
80190N/ALong handled scraper & 2 refillable blades, carded 0
US Item # Tech Doc File


Apply solvent or water to surface and scrape using mild pressure. Test in a hidden area to ensure scratch-free scraping. Designed for scraping, not cutting. Blades fit most blade holders. Insert plastic blade until it securely locks into tab on back of scraper.

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