US Part Number: 27036
Canada Part Number: 59923

Permatex® OPTIMUM GREY Gasket Maker

OPTIMUM GREY combines maximum rigidity and maximum torque load and vibration resistance with extreme temperature resistance: -65°F to 700°F (-54°C to 371°C) intermittent, expanding uses and applications.  Designed for max performance applications common in import & late model engines and component upgrades.  It is sensor safe, low odor, and non-corrosive. The maximum rigidity and maximum torque load feature combination joined with outstanding resistance to oils, coolant, and shop fluids make OPTIMUM GREY one of the most versatile gasket makers available.

  • Maximum Rigidity
  • Maximum Torque Load & Vibration Resistance
  • Sensor-Safe, Low Odor, Non-Corrosive
  • High Temperature performance up to 700°F


OPTIMUM GREY Suggested Applications:

Valve Cover, Water Pump, Intake Manifold End Seals, Thermostat Housings

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
27036599233.35 oz tube, 2 nozzles, carded 12
27136N/A9.5 oz. Power Bead 6
27236N/A13 oz. Cartridge 12
US Item # Tech Doc File
27036 TDS  SDS  
27136 SDS  
27236 SDS  

OPTIMUM GREY Instructions:

  1. For best results, surfaces should be clean and dry.
  2. Cut nozzle and apply a continuous 1/16″ to 1/4″ (2 to 6mm) bead of silicone to one surface, surrounding all bolt holes. Assemble parts immediately while silicone is still wet. Finger tighten until material begins to squeeze out around flange.
  3. Let dry for one hour then tighten to torque specifications.
  4. Allow 24 hours to fully cure before filling with fluids or returning to service.
  5. Replace cap after use.

NOTE: Not recommended for use on head gaskets or parts in contact with gasoline.


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