US Part Number: 80645
Canada Part Number: N/A

Permatex® Gasket Remover – Low VOC Formula


This low VOC formulation combines powerful gasket remover strength with an innovative delivery system. Its fast-foaming action penetrates the most stubborn or baked-on gaskets in 15-20 minutes. The built-in brush-tip was designed for easy application and allows for scrubbing on intricate surfaces. This product is NOT recommended for use on silicone gaskets. Level 2



Suggested Applications: Removes solvent-based gasketing and gasket sealant products including all Permatex® Form-A-Gasket ®, Spray-A-Gasket®, Indian Head®, High Tack™ Gasket Sealants and Dressings, and residual gasket material.

Heavy Duty

Suggested Applications: Engine valve connectors, oil pan covers

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
80645N/A4 oz. Power Can with brush-tip nozzle, stand-up carded 6
US Item # Tech Doc File
80645 TDS  SDS  


  1. Apply Gasket Remover by depressing pad to angle brush. Move brush in a circular motion ensuring all of the sealant is covered.
  2. Allow Gasket Remover to stand on the gasket sealant for at least (15) minutes. Removal time will vary depending on gasket sealant thickness.
  3. Wipe residue off with dry rag.
  4. Re-apply if necessary.
  5. Prep flange for new gasket by cleaning with Permatex® Brake & Parts Cleaner.

NOTE: Not for use on RTV silicone gaskets.

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