US Part Number: 71500
Canada Part Number: 71500

Permatex® Spray Nine® Poly 500™ Revolution Dispenser

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Get “pennies per wash” economy out of your Grease Grabber® or Spray Nine®. The Poly 500™ metered dispensing system delivers the perfect amount of hand cleaner every time! The Poly 500™ can be mounted and features a lockable lid.

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7150071500—N/A 1
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Installation Instructions:

  1. Place lid on dispenser and line up preformed holes. Insert metal ring (provided) through holes on either side.
  2. The opposite side may be locked with a padlock if desired.
  3. For Best Results: Install dispenser to properly secured mounting board using the (4) 1 inch screws provided.
  4. If mounting onto concrete wall, plastic screw anchors or all-purpose masonry anchors are recommended.
  5. Mounting the dispenser onto hollow drywall is not recommended. If necessary, however, toggle bolts or other appropriate anchoring devices should be used.

Loading Instructions:

  1. Raise dispenser lid.
  2. Place open 4 lb container upside down into dispenser.
  3. Carefully puncture bottom of container where indicated for proper venting.
  4. Slowly lift and squeeze container to evacuate product.
  5. Dispenser may also be manually filled from 26 lb pail (Poly Scrub #13126, Coco Scrub #14126).
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