US Part Number: 65108
Canada Part Number: N/A

Fast Orange® Painter’s Clean™


A safer alternative to harsh, drying and potentially toxic solvents and thinners. Fortified with four premium skin conditioners, this freshly scented, fine pumice formula quickly removes the toughest soils. Readily biodegradable*, nontoxic and nonflammable, Painter’s Clean™ Hand Cleaner has the muscle to clean where most hand cleaners fall short.


Suggested Applications: Oil and latex paints, uncured adhesives, uncured silicones, resins (tar), printer’s ink, oil, grease, and grime.

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
65108N/A7.5 fl. oz. squeeze bottle 12
65115N/A15 fl. oz. Rocker Cap™ 12
652176521760 fl. oz. w/pump 4
US Item # Tech Doc File
65108 SDS  
65115 SDS  
65217 SDS  Canada part # SDS


Rub hand cleaner into dry hands (use no water) until soil is dissolved or loosened. Rinse hands with water and wipe dry.

NOTE: Ensure product does not contact painted surfaces.

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