US Part Number: 65215
Canada Part Number: 65215

Fast Orange® PROClean Hand Cleaner

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Fast Orange PROClean Hand Cleaner is designed with one unique goal in mind; remove troublesome paint stains and messes from skin. The dual action formula uses pumice which gets into all the creases to break down latex and urethane paints while the patented microgel drills deep into the stain to effortlessly release it from skin. Fast Orange’s premium skin conditioners including lanolin, aloe vera and jojoba moisturize dry, cracked hands.

Suggested Applications: Latex Paints, Urethanes, Polyurethane Sealers, Shellacs, Mastic, Wood Stain, Adhesives, Grease, Oil

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
652156521515 fl. oz. squeeze bottle 12
65230N/A64 fl. oz. w/pump 6
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65215 TDS  SDS  
65230 TDS  SDS  


Rub hand cleaner into dry hands (use no water) until soil is dissolved or loosened. Rinse hands with water and wipe dry.

NOTE: Ensure product does not contact painted surfaces.

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