US Part Number: 25317
Canada Part Number: N/A

Fast Orange® Xtreme Black Frost

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Fast Orange Xtreme Black Frost is a new invigorating fragrance that leaves a long lasting fresh, clean scent.  Perfect for that shower-fresh smell, even after a long day working in the garage.  Fast Orange Xtreme is a professional grade formulation delivering superior cleaning power, fast.  Infused with concentrated odor neutralizers to remove the smell of gasoline, oil, and other common odors.  The advanced skin protection formula has premium skin conditioners including aloe vera, glycerin, lanolin, vitamin E, jojoba oil that prevent dry, chapped hands.

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25317N/A64 FL OZ 6
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25317 SDS  
  1. Apply a liberal amount of Fast Orange® Hand Sanitizer to dry palms
  2. Briskly rub hands together for at least 15 seconds
  3. Continue to rub hands together until product dries without wiping
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