US Part Number: 25419
Canada Part Number: 25419

Fast Orange® Xtreme Professional Grade Hand Cleaner – Fresh Scent®


A professional strength hand cleaner concentrated to tackle the toughest grease, while conditioning hands. This premium fine pumice lotion acts quickly to power out the harshest soils without leaving hands feeling greasy or irritated. Great for hard working hands, it contains a unique skin conditioning system that helps to restore moisture and prevent dry, chapped hands. Its light clean fresh scent is refreshing and contains no petroleum odors. No Kerosene, no Phosphates.


Suggested Applications: Removes grease, grime, tar, adhesives, asphalt, carbon, epoxies, tile cement, oil, paint, odors, ink, and much more!

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
2541925419128 fl. oz. low proflie bottle with pump 4
US Item # Tech Doc File
25419 TDS  SDS  Canada part # SDS


Rub hand cleaner into dry hands (use no water) until dirt or grease is dissolved. Wipe dry or rinse with water.

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