Permatex® Silicone Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant, 8 OZ

US Item # : 80653
CAN Item # : 24122
Product Description
Permatex Silicone Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts lubricant is an environmentally safe lubricant that prevents disc brake squeal and chatter while protecting caliper pins, sleeves, bushings and pistons against seizing and galling. Its silicone, non-petroleum based formula makes it excellent on sliding surfaces.

1Non-melting, 100% silicone based formula, fortified with ceramic solids

2Lasts longer than ordinary caliper greases and disc brake quiet products

3100% compatible with internal/external brake rubber and plastic hardware

4Works with all ethylene-propylene rubber and metal components

5Temperature Range: -50°F to 3000°F (-46°C to 1649°C)

Sleeve, Bushings, outward pad backing plate, Inboard pad backing plate, Caliper pins, Disc brake calipers, Caliper Pistons, Abutment clips.
California Proposition 65: WARNING Cancer. ADVERTENCIA C@ncer. AVERTISSEMENT Cancer.

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