US Part Number: 80653
Canada Part Number: N/A

Permatex® Silicone Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant

Permatex Silicone Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant protect and lubricates every part of a brake assembly and prevents comebacks caused by irritating brake noise.

-Formulated to reduce brake noise, vibrations and harshness

-Dampens natural vibrating frequencies

-Treated with the latest, rust, oxidation and anti-wear additives

-Fortified with high concentration, high temperature, ceramic solids

-Stays in place, protects at extreme temperatures (-54F – over 3000F)

-Chemical and corrosion resistant

-Will not wash away

-Compatible with most plastics and rubbers used in Disc Brake Caliper systems

-Meets JIS K 2228 with EPDM and Nitrile rubbers


Suggested Applications: Sleeve, Outboard pad backing plate, Inboard pad backing plate, Caliper pins, Disc brake calipers, Caliper Pistons, Abutment clips.

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
80653N/A8 fl. oz. brush-top bottle 6
24129N/A0.5 oz. tube, carded 6
US Item # Tech Doc File
80653 SDS  
24129 SDS  


  1. Clean parts to be lubricated with Permatex® Brake & Parts Cleaner.
  2. Apply small amount to caliper hardware and backing plates to create uniform surface areas and prevent noise.
  3. Lubricant may also be used as a noise suppressor to eliminate caliper brakesqueal by applying to the BACK of the brake pad.


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