US Part Number: 27828
Canada Part Number: 27829

Permatex® Heavy Duty Automotive Headliner Adhesive

High-strength spray adhesive designed for repairing interior parts which have become detached or loosened. Resistant to extreme weather conditions. Water-resistant. Dries clear for neat appearance. High temperature formula maintains high strength at temperatures up to 170°F (77°C). VOC compliant. Level 3



Suggested Applications: Headliners, carpets, trunk linings, and inside door panels.

Heavy Duty

Suggested Applications: Headliners, carpets, trunk linings and inside door panels


Suggested Applications: Excels at attaching boat upholstery cloth, carpeting, floor mats, insulation, kick and silencer pads to metal, wood or KB board

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
278282782920 oz. aerosol can, 16.75 oz. net. wt. 6
US Item # Tech Doc File
27828 SDS  Canada part # SDS


Product may attack some plastics or painted surfaces. Masking tape can be used to protect these areas, but should be removed immediately after application.

  1. Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from any contaminates.
  2. Shake can before use.
  3. Turn nozzle to select spray pattern width; low, medium or high.
  4. Hold can 6–8 inches from work surface and apply 2–3 uniform overlapping coats. Allow a minimum of 5 minutes drying time between coats. Apply additional coats in opposite direction from first. For stronger bonds,apply adhesive to both surfaces.
  5. Allow adhesive to dry for 5 minutes, or until tacky, before setting.
  6. Press surfaces together with uniform pressure, eliminating air pockets. Bonds should be made within 30 minutes of application. Full cure is achieved in 24 hours at 70°F(21°C).
  7. To prepare can for next use, invert, and dispense until spray is free of adhesive.
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