US Part Number: 80638
Canada Part Number: 80539

Permatex® Super Weatherstrip Adhesive

A superior adhesive ideal for many applications including rubber, metal, auto or van carpeting and fabric-backed vinyl upholstery and automotive gaskets. Allows for repositioning parts after contact is made. Withstands extreme temperatures. Water resistant. Resistant to gasoline, kerosene, antifreeze and most solvents.



Suggested Applications: All types of weather stripping, door and trunk moldings.

Heavy Duty

Suggested Applications: Carpeting, headliners, molding weatherstripping


Suggested Applications: All types of weather
stripping, door and trunk moldings

US Item #CDN Item #Container SizeCase
80638805392 fl., carded12
81731817315 fl. oz. tube, boxed12
US Item #Tech Doc File
80638SDS  Canada part # SDS
81731TDS  SDS  Canada part # SDS


  1. Clean surfaces thoroughly. Use abrasives to remove any powdery mold release from new weatherstripping.
  2. Apply a thin, even film to both surfaces. Allow to dry.
  3. Apply a second thin coat of adhesive to sections of weatherstripping not over3 feet long.
  4. Bond immediately. Avoid putting adhesive on exposed painted surfaces. Always keep tightly capped when not in use.
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