US Part Number: 81786
Canada Part Number: N/A

Permatex® Super Clear Vinyl Sealant Repair Kit

Makes invisible repairs from rips, cuts and tears to upholstery, luggage, clothing, etc. Contains: clear vinyl sealant and filler (net 1.5 fl. oz.), special applicator nozzle, grain pattern paper.


Suggested Applications: Rips and cuts in luggage, rainwear, vinyl boots, automotive, marine and home upholstery.

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
81786N/A1 kit, carded 6
US Item # Tech Doc File
81786 SDS  


Make certain damaged area is clean and dry.

  1. Puncture the seal in the top of tube. Twist on nozzle tip provided.
  2. FOR LARGE RIPS, CUTS AND TEARS, place a cloth patch under the damaged area for extra strength. Apply sealant to the damaged area. To reproduce grain, place special paper over wet sealant and secure the repair with masking tape. Place weighted object on grain paper to hold repair down firmly. Allow to dry 6-8 hours. Peel grain paper away. Repair is complete.
  3. FOR SMALL RIPS, CUTS AND TEARS, apply sealant to the edges of the damaged area. Press edges together and secure with masking tape for approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Wait 6-8 hours before using the repaired object. For maximum strength, allow to dry overnight.
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