US Part Number: 09973
Canada Part Number: 19973

Permatex® Single-Use Ceramic Extreme Brake Lubricant

Convenient single-use pouch delivers the right amount for the job. A 100% synthetic formula, coupled with real ceramic solids make this premium brake lubricant our longest lasting, most temperature resistant way to silence brake noise. Effective from -50°F to 3000°F (-46°C to 1649°C), this product maintains its lubricating integrity under the most extreme conditions. Resistant to corrosion and contaminants, it will not wash out. Part of a line of single-use chemicals that deliver the right amount of material for a typical automotive repair job. For metal-to-metal contact only.



Suggested Applications: Disc brake caliper hardware, bushings, pistons, sleeves, and seals.

US Item #CDN Item #Container SizeCase
09973199734 g pouch480
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  1. Clean parts to be lubricated with Permatex® Brake & Parts Cleaner.
  2. Apply small amount to caliper hardware, and backing plates to create uniform surface areas and prevent noise.
  3. Lubricant may also be used as a noise suppressor to eliminate caliper brake squeal by applying to the BACK of the brake pad. DO NOT APPLY TO BRAKING SURFACE OF CALIPER PADS.
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