US Part Number: 24027
Canada Part Number: N/A

Permatex® Surface Insensitive Threadlocker BLUE


OEM specified. Medium/high strength threadlocker for general-purpose applications. Especially well-suited for 1/4″ to 3/4″ (6mm to 20mm) fasteners that have a slight oil film. Prevents vibration loosening. Oil resistant. Removable with hand tools for easy disassembly.



Suggested Applications: Rocker studs, rocker adjustment bolts and bolts on valve and cam covers, oil pans, disc brake calipers, intakes, alternators, and pulley assemblies.


Suggested Applications: Head bolts, case bolts, all shift assembly threads

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
24027N/A6 ml tube, carded 6
US Item # Tech Doc File
24027 SDS  


  1. Clean and dry parts using Permatex® Surface Prep™ activator.
  2. Shake tube of Surface Insensitive Threadlocker well before each use.
  3. Remove cap and snip nozzle tip.
  4. Apply Surface Insensitive Threadlocker to threaded areas and assemble parts. Refer to Technical Data Sheet for complete information.

NOTE: Surface Insensitive Threadlocker works on metal parts. It is not recommended for plastics. Cured Surface Insensitive Threadlocker must be sheared (hand tools will do) before parts will separate.

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