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Spray Nine Glass & Chrome Cleaner Outperforms and Eliminates Need for Traditional Polishes and Pastes

Posted on: November 28th, 2018

– Easily cleans a variety of surfaces; costs less and reduces labor

Hartford, CT… Permatex®, a leading innovator in chemical technology for automotive maintenance and repair, introduces its Spray Nine® Glass & Chrome Cleaner as a more practical and viable option to traditional chrome polishes and pastes. This versatile, professional strength glass and chrome cleaner works quickly and leaves a streak free “mirror-like” finish on glass, chrome, stainless steel, and metal finishes.

The specialized formulation in Spray Nine Glass & Chrome Cleaner is strong enough to remove tough dirt, dust, fingerprints, smudges, and light grease from interior and exterior automotive glass, chrome, stainless steel, mirrors, plastics, and many other surfaces throughout the garage and home. The cleaner features a clinging foaming action that leaves a sparkling, streak free shine and a refreshing lemon scent.

Spray Nine identified the market need for a quick chrome maintenance alternative. The cleaner provides users with a less expensive, less time consuming, and less messy alternative to cleaning their chrome and sensitive metals. Unlike chrome polishes that require time and “elbow grease” to fully provide a long luster shine, Spray Nine Glass & Chrome Cleaner provides the same great shine instantaneously by simply spraying the product on and wiping down the chrome.

Cleaning chrome with polish has always been a tedious task that requires a lot of patience. Spray Nine Glass & Chrome Cleaner gets the job done quickly so motorcycle and car enthusiasts can get back on the road quickly.

Spray Nine Glass & Chrome Cleaner is offered in a 19 oz. aerosol can, P/N 23319.

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