Fast Orange Grease X Body Wash, 16 FL OZ

US Item # : 25716
Category: Extended Line
Product Description
Fast Orange Grease X Body Wash is the all-around best body soap for anyone who gets elbow deep in grease and grime throughout their day. Fast Orange Body Wash doesn’t just get rid of grease, grime and oil – it gets rid of gasoline and automotive fluid odors too. While it’s ideal for those areas of skin that are exposed to grease and grime during the day, it is gentle enough to use all over your body​

1The first body was formulated specifically with mechanics in mind from the #1 brand in Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning

2Removes grease, grime, oil from skin

3Formulate to defeate the strongest automotive odors like fuel, oil and exhuast

4Contains wax beads to exfoliate skin and remove even the toughest caked on dirt

5Removes automotive grease, grime and oil while eliminating fuel, oil and exhuast odors from skin and body

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