Fast Orange Heavy Duty Scrubbing Towel

US Item # : 25074
Category: Wipes
Product Description
Fast Orange Heavy-Duty Scrubbing Towels conquer grime like a pro! These dual-textured towels tackle the toughest dirt with an abrasive side that powers through grease, grime, paints, resins, glue and other difficult soils while the smooth side finishes off the job. Ideal for hands, tools, and any surface that needs a serious clean. In the shop or out on the road, Fast Orange® Heavy-Duty Scrubbing Towels are the ideal way to clean up when the job is done!

1Heavy Duty Scrubbing Towel that are dual textured to cut through the toughest grime on hands, surfaces, tools and more!

2Textured surface on one side for cleaning heavy duty soils

3Smooth side for general purpose cleaning

4Grease, grime, paints, resings, glue and other difficult soils

572 Count Container

Hands, Tools & Parts

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