Permatex® 1 Minute Epoxy Gel

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Product Description
Permatex 1 Minute Gel Epoxy is the ideal general purpose epoxy for all your household and automotive needs. Permatex 1 Minute Gel Epoxy includes a unique blue-dye indicator system, simply mix the epoxy and watch the blue dye disappear. This convenient indicator system helps to identify when the adhesive is fully mixed and ready to use. Never second guess again! This fast setting easy-to-use adhesive syringe and filler system dries clear and is also a no-drip gel formula great for multiple household projects including those hard-to-reach vertical and overhead projects. Permatex adhesives, tough bonds for tough jobs.

1Can apply on porous & non-porous surfaces

2Premium, fast acting adhesive

3Forms a strong, long-lasting, transparent bond.

4Permanent, transparent bond fills gap up to .004"

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