US Part Number: 25247
Canada Part Number: N/A

Permatex® Fabric Repair Kit

Repairs automobile upholstery, carpet, clothing and furniture. Matches popular colors and textures. Contains: 7 assorted colors of fabric repair compound, 2 cups fabric air dry adhesive, screen applicator, application spatula, mixing bottle, instruction card with color matching chart.


Suggested Applications: Automotive and home fabric upholstery and carpet, clothing.

US Item # CDN Item # Container Size Case
25247N/A1 kit, clamshelled 6
US Item # Tech Doc File


  1. Clean the damaged spot to be repaired with a household cleaner. Trim off any loose threads. If any padding is missing beneath the damaged spot and the damage is depressed, fill in that area with common household cotton.Spread the cotton evenly into and beneath the damaged spot (only if needed).
  2. Mix the fabric powders together in the empty container with the round ball in it to obtain the correct color. Shake the container, after the colors you select to match your fabric are in this container, for 30-45 seconds. This will mix the colors thoroughly. Use the color chart as a guide to help you match colors.
  3. If the damage is a hole or larger, a backing supportis needed under the damaged spot. Cut the backing fabric in this kit, slightly larger than the damaged spot, and insert it into and under the damage, as a support.
  4. Using the spatula, apply the air dry adhesive (milky white adhesive – dries clear) into the damaged spot. Fill it up to the top of the damage, as evenly as possible, using the spatula. Take the screen applicator, and apply the colored fabric powders onto it. Hold the screen directly above the adhesive and shake the screen. This will sift the fabric powders on the clear adhesive. Cover the adhesive completely with the colored fabric powders. Use the spatula to pack down the fabric powders in the adhesives, and then duplicate the patterns in the fabric with the spatula. Allow to dry several hours (overnight preferred). After the repaired area is dry, blow off any excess fabric powders.
  5. If the spot being repaired is in an area that gets hard wear,you can protect it by lightly spraying a clear (aerosol preferred) hairspray over the area. Do this only after there paired area is dry. Only spray a light coat onto the area that was repaired.

COLOR MATCHING TIPS: The fabric powders in yourkit can be mixed to match many colors. By putting the fabricpowders into the container with the marble ball and shakingthoroughly, they will mix together readily. Additional colorscan always be added to improve your color match.

REPAIR TIP: After the repair is finished (before it is dry) you can use the edge of your spatula to put designs or lines in there pair job to duplicate the pattern of the fabric. If the damage is very large you can, using a hooked needle and thread, sew the damaged spot (after the backing fabric is inserted) and this will make the repaired spot very strong. Working the air dry adhesive (milky white – dries clear) under the edges of the damage will also make for a stronger repair job. Repair professionals often sew damages before doing the repair job.

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