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  • Does Permatex® offer anything to seal a leaking valve cover gasket without taking it apart?

    Depending on the leak and the condition of the gasket. Permatex® offers the Form-A-Seal® Leak Repair product. It is an aerosol product designed to form a durable rubber barrier that stops leaks in minutes without having to disassemble the parts.

  • What is the difference between Form-A-Gasket® #1 and Form-A-Gasket® #2?

    Form-A-Gasket® #1: fast drying, hard setting, designed for rigid materials and flanges. Form-A-Gasket® #2: slow drying, non hardening, designed for sealing cut gaskets on non-rigid, vibrating, stamped parts, allows for easy disassembly if required.

  • Where would you use the Aviation Form-A-Gasket® No.3 Sealant?

    The Aviation Form-A-Gasket is a slow drying, non-hardening, sealant, resists gasoline, oil and grease. It is used for close-fitting machined surfaces, sealing hoses and solid gaskets.

  • Can I use the Permatex® Ultra Blue® RTV to seal a gas gauge-sending unit to a gas tank?

    No, Ultra Blue® is a silicone-based product, that will offer a good seal, and has good resistance to oil and coolant, however, silicones are not recommended for use in a gasoline environment. The gasoline will attack the product. Permatex® offers the solvent based Form-A-Gasket® products or MotoSeal® #29132 that are designed for applications in a gasoline environment.

  • Is the Permatex® Ultra Copper® Maximum Temperature RTV Silicone electrically conductive and does it have copper?

    The Ultra Copper® is a silicone product and is copper in color. It does not contain any copper or other metal and it is not electrically conductive. For additional information, go to the Ultra Copper product page and view the TDS.

  • The Permatex® RTV Silicone that I am using is too thick to fill the gap in my application; can I add acetone to the silicone to make the product thinner? Permatex® does not suggest adding

    Permatex® does not suggest adding any solvents, chemicals or fillers to any of or products that will change their formulas, characteristics or the way that the Permatex® product was designed to perform. Permatex® offers many other products that may work for your application. You can contact the Permatex Tech Center at 1-877-376-2839 and, if you give them more information, they will be able to help you select another product that might work for your application.

  • Does Permatex® suggest applying anti-seize to lubricate lug nuts when installing or tightening the nuts?

    Permatex® does not recommend the use of any anti-seize product on wheel studs. Many people have used anti-seize for this applications, however, there is the potential for over-torqueing and therefore, higher clamp loads and potentially dangerous bolt stretch. Because of the lubricity of anti-seize, there is a tendency to over-tighten because of the ease with which the nut will bear down on the lug. For this reason, even if you try to torque the nuts to factory specs, the clamp load may become too high depending on the type of bolt, size and manufacturer.

  • What are the plastic sheets in the Permatex® Windshield Repair Kit used for?

    The plastic sheets (yellow or clear) are curing strips that are used to cover the adhesive that was placed in void or crack of the windshield to shield out the air so the anaerobic adhesive will cure or harden. For more information click here Windshield Repair Video to view a how-to-use video showing tips on how to use the product.

  • I bonded my rearview mirror button on upside down. How can I remove the button?

    Once the buttons are bonded in place they are very difficult if not impossible to remove. Prying or heating the button will damage the glass. The best thing to do is to bring the mirror head to the local Automotive Parts Store or Automotive Dealer and have them match the mirror to a new replacement-mounting button. Then purchase another Permatex® Rearview Mirror Kit and mount the new button correctly on top of the button that is currently bonded incorrectly to the glass. Click here to view the video

  • Can the Permatex® Rust Treatment be used as a primer under exterior automotive sheet metal finishes?

    Permatex® does not suggest using Rust Treatment for this type of application. It may cause blistering or peeling of the paint.

  • Why does Permatex offer so many different Threadlockers?

    The Threadlockers were created for different sealing and locking applications. Permatex® offer Threadlockers for small screws up to large diameter bolts, removable and permanent assemblies, high temperature applications and threadlockers for assembled and pre-assembled applications.

  • Why are there different colored Threadlockers?

    The different colors indicate the different strengths of the products. Purple = Low strength, Blue= Medium Strength, Red= High Strength (other colors indicate different strengths for various applications).

  • How do you remove a part that was assembled with a High Strength Threadlocker?

    Apply heat 450F+ to the parts and remove the fasteners when hot.

  • Should the Surface Prep Activator be used before applying the Threadlockers?

    The Surface Prep Activator is suggested for use on inactive surfaces and it can be used to accelerate the cure time for anaerobic products applied to active surfaces. The product is also a general purpose solvent for cleaning and preparing parts and surfaces.

  • What types of materials are considered “active” and “inactive”?

    Active Soft Steel Iron Copper Nickel Bronze Manganese Brass Aluminum Alloy
    Inactive Bright Plating Anodized Surfaces Titanium Zinc Pure Aluminum Stainless Steel Cadmium
  • Does Permatex® offer a product that is compatible with oxygen?

    Permatex® does not offer any products compatible with oxygen.

  • What product do you offer to repair a leak in a plastic fuel tank?

    Permatex® does not offer a product designed for repairing plastic gas tanks.

  • Does Permatex® offer any selector charts that might help me select the product I need?

    Click here to try out product selector or for downloadable pdfs of Product Selection Guides for Gasket Maker Selector, Gasket Dressing Selector or a Threadlocker Selector Chart, click here

  • How can I tell when the Permatex® product was manufactured?

    All Permatex® products are stamped with a date/batch code number indicating when the product was made. Here’s an example of the date code and how to read it (Example: 9AB1234A01) the first digit is the year 1=2011, 0=2000, 9=2009 etc. and the first letter is the month of the year A=Jan. B=Feb. C=Mar. etc. the next letters and digits is the batch number and the last two digits in the day of the week the product was manufactured 01=1st-31=31st. The example: 9AB1234A01= 9=2009 A=January 01=1st day of month.

  • How do I find the name of my nearest distributor for Permatex® products?

    You can go to Where to Buy and enter your zip code to view a list of some retailers in your area.

  • I have a question about my order?

    For questions regarding your purchase orders, including electronically transmitted orders (EDI), call toll free 1-87-PERMATEX (877-376-2839), option 1. To place an order by fax: 1-800-432-2067.

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