Maximum Performance

Permatex’s New Optimum Max Temp Gasket Maker provides maximum temperature performance up to 750°F intermittent. The advanced formulation allows for a sensor-safe, low odor and non-corrosive performance and is resistant to oil and common shop fluids. Permatex® Optimum Red also resists aging, weathering and thermal cycling without hardening, shrinking or cracking.


Fastest Return to Service

The Right Stuff® Red Gasket Maker is the only high temperature gasket maker that can quickly return a vehicle to service in just 1 minute. This thick formula maintains reliable and long-lasting seals. The Right Stuff Red 1 minute is superior to most OE gaskets and provides premium professional grade gaskets for today’s fast paced professional garages.


Up to 650° F

Ultra Red offers a higher performance and low-odor, non-corrosive alternative to the previous generation Red RTV. This OEM specified gasket maker is sensor-safe, low odor, non-corrosive, and meets performance specs of OE silicone gaskets. This advanced formula is resistance to high temperature and high adhesion while also remaining resistant to oils and common shop fluids.



Apply a bead size between 1/16” to 1/4”. Too much gasket maker increases the chance of leaks. Let dry for one hour then tighten to torque specifications.

Exhaust Parts

Apply a light film of gasket maker to the the inside diameter of the receiving part, and then press fit the other part into the film , and let it cure.


Apply a continuous bead around one flange surface including the bolt holes. Assemble parts immediately finger tighten, give it an hour to dry some and then come back and torque the housing down.

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