US Part Number: 82220
Canada Part Number: 29213

Permatex® Non-Chlorinated Brake & Parts Cleaner


Penetrates, dissolves and removes dirt and oil from brake systems and metal parts. Safer for aluminum. Leaves no contaminant-attracting residue or chlorinated solvent run-off. Helps manage EPA halide limits.

State Restriction: CA, CT, DE, MD, NH, UT


Suggested Applications: All brake systems, C.V. joints, machinery, tools, and farm equipment.

US Item #CDN Item #Container SizeCase
822202921320 oz. aerosol can, 14.5 oz. net wt.12
82450N/A20 oz. aerosol can, 14.5 oz. net wt.12
US Item #Tech Doc File
82220TDS  SDS  Canada part # SDS
82450TDS  SDS  


  1. Protect painted surfaces and all parts made of plastic and rubber from overspray.
  2. Hold can upright, and spray all parts to be cleaned liberally.
  3. Allow to air dry, or wipe dry.
  4. Repeat application if necessary.
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