Permatex® PermaShield® Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing & Flange Sealant, 2 OZ

US Item # : 85420
CAN Item # : 85420
Product Description
Permatex PermaShield Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing & Flange Sealant is specially formulated for superior fluid resistance. This polyester urethane based gasketing compound withstands extreme temperature changes without hardening. Its non-setting, non-hardening character remains tacky even with rapid changes in temperature, enabling repeated assembly and disassembly of parts. Suitable as either a gasket maker or dressing, PermaShield® seals surface imperfections between metal parts and is ideal in high performance applications.

1Resistant to gasoline and all other automotive fluids

2Remains flexible even at high temperatures and withstands rapid temperature changes

3Allows for repeated disassembly and reassembly in metal to metal applications

4Seals surface imperfections between metal parts and is ideal in high performance applications

5For use as a gasket maker or dressing

Axle assemblies, hydraulic parts, differential covers, oil pans (cast), water pumps, bearing caps/brackets, gearboxes, hydraulic equipment covers, intake manifold gaskets, and valve cover gaskets.

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