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Permatex® The Right Stuff® Red 1 Minute Gasket Maker, 3 OZ
Permatex® The Right Stuff® Red 1 Minute Gasket Maker, 10 OZ
Permatex® The Right Stuff® Red 1 Minute Gasket Maker, 7.5 OZ

Permatex® The Right Stuff® Red 1 Minute Gasket Maker, 5 OZ

US Item # : 34425
CAN Item # : 30878
Product Description
Permatex®s The Right Stuff 1 Minute Series offers the fastest return to service in just 1 minute! This leak-proof, elastomeric °Formed-in-place” material is more reliable and longer lasting than pre-cut gaskets. It is blowout resistant and protects against leaks and seepage caused by vibration and thermal expansion. The Right Stuff Red 1 Minute resists high temperatures up to 650°F (343°C), ideal for high temperature applications such as exhaust manifold, header, turbochargers and slip-fit exhaust parts and is formulated to meet or exceed performance standards for long-term sealability, durability and handling.

1High temperature performance with fastest return to service

2Sensor-safe, non-corrosive, RTV silicone

3OEM specified

4Resists temperatures up to 650°F (343°C) intermittent

5Quickly returns vehicle to service in just 1 minute

Header, Manifold, Slip-Fit Exhaust Parts, Turbocharge
California Proposition 65: WARNING Cancer. ADVERTENCIA C@ncer. AVERTISSEMENT Cancer.

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