Permatex® Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lubricant, 8 OZ

US Item # : 24110
CAN Item # : 24121
Product Description
Permatex’s Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lubricant is an environmentally-friendly, green, non-melting, synthetic lubricant. This Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lubricant is formulated to lubricate under the most adverse brake conditions, assuring that critical caliper pins, sleeves, bushings and pistons remain lubricated throughout pad life.

1green, non-melting, environmentally-friendly, 100% synthetic lubricant

2Formulated to lubricate under the most adverse brake conditions, preventing seizing and sticking of disc brake components

3Assures that critical metal-to-metal contact areas remain lubricated throughout the pad life

4Prevents disc brake squealing

5Temperature Range: -40°F to 400°F (-40° to 204°C)

Caliper pins, hardware, and the back-side of brake pads.
California Proposition 65: WARNING Cancer. ADVERTENCIA C@ncer. AVERTISSEMENT Cancer.

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