US Part Number: 80370
Canada Part Number: 29224

Permatex® Battery Protector & Sealer

Seals and coats battery terminals eliminating the formation of acid salt corrosion typically found when terminals are untreated. Prevents terminal corrosion and battery drain. Increases battery life and improves electrical flow. Spray on batteries, battery terminals, and cables, in or out of storage. Aerosol – Level 3*


Suggested Applications: Automotive, marine, farm machinery, and motorcycle batteries.


Suggested Applications: Motorcycle batteries


Suggested Applications: Marine

US Item #CDN Item #Container SizeCase
80370292246 oz. aerosol can, 5 oz. net wt.12
US Item #Tech Doc File
80370TDS  SDS  


First, clean parts to be treated with SA-8 (80369) Permatex® Battery Cleaner. Shake Battery Protector well. Hold can 10 to 12 inches from the treated surface,and apply two thin coats.

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