Permatex® Fuel Tank Repair Kit

US Item # : 9101
Product Description
Permatex’s Fuel Tank Repair Kit eliminates dangerous welding. This complete kit contains everything required for making professional-quality permanent repairs in just minutes. It includes state-of-the-art components and easy-to-follow instructions with photographs to make quick permanent repairs to leaks in all types of metal fuel tanks. Use the fuel tank repair kit to repair cracks up to 4″ (10cm) long and holes up to 3/8″ (9mm) in diameter.

1Complete kit contains everything required for making professional quality repairs in minutes

2Eliminates dangerous welding

3Repairs cracks up to 4" long and holes up to 3/8" in diameter

4Repair resin designed to harden within 8-10 minutes and cure in 30 minutes

5Repairs ideally should be made at temperatures from 50°F to 75°F (10°C to 24°C): resin will take longer to cure at lower temperatures

Ideal for cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles; portable metal fuel tanks, and metal car fuel tanks.
California Proposition 65: WARNING Cancer. ADVERTENCIA C@ncer. AVERTISSEMENT Cancer.

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