earn A $4K sponsorship
by joining team permatex

Permatex is looking for 3 individuals or grassroots race teams to partner for the 2024 racing season.  We’re seeking partners that not only can provide content at the track and in the pits, but in the garage, showcasing how they use our products on their vehicles.  To enter for a chance to earn one of these three unique sponsorships, we want you to showcase yourself using our products on your Instagram.  No need for thousands of followers or likes on each post, just generate creative, application videos or photos like the one below.  From serious application tips, to funny and creative uses of our products, we want to see what kind of skills you have in the garage, so we can help you excel on the track.


  1. Post multiple Permatex product videos, reels or photos on Instagram showcasing how you’re using Permatex products to get ready for the 2024 season.
  2. Tag @Permatexusa on Instagram and use #TeamPermatex24 
  3. Keep videos between 0:15 – 1:00 and brand appropriate
  4. Between now and April 15th we’ll repost select posts prior to choosing three new partners for Team Permatex

how we'll choose the partners

  1. Quality of content; How well can you showcase our products and branding?  
  2. Engagement; How well do you understand and connect with the audience?
  3. Execution; How consistently are you posting quality content within the time frame? (remember, quality over quantity, but one post isn’t going to cut it)